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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Yes, it's just finding any poly people to be with. Most people are and always will be monogamous. Just as they would have to eventually accept my newfound poly lifestyle, I may have to accept their mono selves. These 2 girls are certainly there for life. Unless I did something horrible or completely disrespectful, which is really not who I am. =]
I find this very....considerate of you. The truth is, if you have found true intimacy and they can handle you being in a relationship with someone else in the future just allow the intimacy to flow then evolve your relationships naturally. Anyone who cares about you will understand and even encourage such a close connection. True love isn't restricting, to be sure. A well rounded person, and especially a poly person it seems, will understand who and what they are and will not make your life miserable to have them in it. I have always been in mono relationship but that is how I was anyways. Other loves and insights into life makes for a more well rounded and realistic view on life. That is my take on it anyway....
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