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Default Lots of issues associated with your third something

What are you afraid of? Why not just do it? You have a right to make your desires come true. You probably talked a lot about it with your husband? Are you afraid to lose him, when you start to meet other lovers? The problem is, that we deal with each other like we would be goods. We think about what will make us feel better (over all) and what would be a disadvantage for us. When we believe, that it well help us, we'll do it. Your husband thinks the same way. What is going on between the two of you aside from this? From early childhood on we were blackmailed by the withholding of love, when we didn't function the way we were supposed to. You love each other, what does it mean? We are all afraid – or at least most of us – to be alone. This is not easy for your husband to stand, because possibly he would feel neglected, left out and compare himself with other lovers of you. He might even become ill, if the stress is to much. Are you feeling dependant on your husbands constraints and that makes you feel unfulfilled and sick? Due to our morals and possessive attitude our society is based on flaw. We're afraid not to get enough, we compete with each other and struggle. I myself am in a similar situation with my young lady. How far should I go (for sure its good to open to other people and I should'nt have remorse about that!), how can I show her that there is plenty of love, when you share it's a chance to spread love, more ideas, to build a better community? May be you should start in a way that includes your husband so he feels loved, too? Might there be someone you both like? What are you doing for work, is it exhausting or gets on your nerves? Do you have to help each other restore from the after – effects or your jobs? How much time can you share with each other? How is you social life? Can you rely on friends and family? Than it should be easier for you and your husband to cope with a new situation that a change in behaviour brings..

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