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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Hi Swedel,

I suggest you really get to know him. Try to develop a type of friendship. If you care about him you will inevitably care about aspects of his life such as relationships...which in this case just happens to be with the woman you love.

You have to embrace a different way of life and loving someone. You can't pretend that her husband doesn't exist and you have to respect the bond they have. I would assume her husband is also struggling with you on some levels. Get together and talk about your concerns with him. I did with Redpepper's husband and it helped a lot
Good advice Mono. I usually reach out first to my wife BF, to make him feel welcome and part of our lives. Things seems to go better when everybody is friends. Maybe I'm weird, but itís a turn on to me when my wife is with her BF.
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