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Default A struggling mono in love with a poly

I'm seeking advice from monos who've found ways to overcome feelings of jealousy in their relationships with polys.

I am fortunate enough to be in a deep, passionate and loving relationship with a woman who's in healthy, happy relationship with a husband who's been very nurturing of our relationship.

From the beginning, she's been honest with me, and I trust her. As such, I know she loves me as we share an amazing connection that neither of us has ever experienced before, and she sincerely wants us to have a future together. I do as well.

It's ideal in so many ways...except I'm intensely struggling with not being the only person with whom she's intimate. I tell myself and her that my love for her is stronger than my frustration at sharing her, but I find that every time I make a forward stride emotionally, I soon fall a step or two back.

I feel as if I'm being "cheated" in our relationship since I feel incapable of loving more than one person with the depth which she loves her husband and me.

How can I overcome these possessive urges? My desire is to ultimately appreciate hers and her husband's relationship for what it is, and putting my focus solely into hers and mine.

Please share your thoughts because I'm in completely foreign emotional territory here. I don't want to sabotage our relationship.

Thank you so much!
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