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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
T is your friend. If you plan to keep your relationship with K, it can't move beyond that until he can accept being in a poly relationship.

You have a lot of stuff going on - take a step back and slow down. Not everything will be solved at once. Take one step at a time and expect to slip down a few and have to climb back up the same steps again.
The problem is that right now K wants to put his head in the sand, not even have me communicate with T...

I NEED to try and fix the FRIENDSHIP I had with T... everything else can wait... but, the problem is K is now insecure and struggling with the mere concept of T being involved anywhere in our lives...
I RESENT that - I stuffed up, I did not acknowledge the true depth of my feelings while they were developing - even when K pointed out concerns... even when T pointed out concerns... I am headstrong, wilful and prideful and damn do I make a mess of things... but... it's MY friendship and I WANT to fix it - if he doesn't want to fix his relationship with T that's up to him... disappointing but thats his concern...

I don't know how to explain that I NEED to try and fix this, if I can't then thats fine... but I NEED to TRY...

I have no problem with stepping up and slipping back and doing it all again - what I have a problem with is doing absolutely NOTHING...
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