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Having an open relationship of whatever dynamic is seen as a gift by alot of people. In enjoying that gift is it not too much to take into account the emotional impact of our actions on those we supposedly love? And if those people we supposedly love need reassurances through things that we see as having temporarily restricting confines on our ability to enjoy that freedom, are we so caught up in our right to do whatever that we discount thier emotions? Do we leave them to deal with "their shit" on their own. If this is the case than there is definitely very different concepts of what loving someone means.

If a person looks at another person and says "hey, that's your issue, deal with it" and follows that up with "I love you" than the person being spoken too should seek help building thier self confidence and find someone who actually does love them.

Then again, if you are simply engaging in multiple relationships on surface levels, I get it. It's something without limits but I doubt it's love.

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