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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Wow, I have to go to work and so much to say... I hate that... stupid work.
I already assumed that she had thought about why she needed some boundaries before hand. I'm not so sure that just starting to talk about stuff is a bad idea... often it makes us vulnerable to just express how we feel without really knowing why, but because we are in the emotions of it at the time. That way a process can occur and we can get to the bottom of it together. Boundaries should always be fluid I think and this should be assumed, said, and then assumed for there on in. If she is struggling then she has every right to say so no?
At work now and ture it sucks...Lol Lucky I run the IT department so I'm not limited to what I do with my computer.

I agree that discussing it without the expectation of change to get down to the bottom of why a boundaries should be set with your partner(s) is an awesome idea. Vulnerability is a precious give to be given to deserving people and I'm all for it...I fee like vulnerability and a very close second to giving someone your love.

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