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Default Mono/poly possibilities

Originally Posted by Pantheist View Post
I believe that she must come to the realization that she wants to be Poly by herself in order for this to have a happy ending.

I am a mono chick with a poly bf. I did not know he was poly when we started dating a year and a half ago. We had been mono together for the whole time. I was completely devastated when he announced to me that he was poly, had met someone else and wanted to pursue an additional relationship. I had never even heard of polyamory!

But, we talked (and cried) a lot and are working through this together.

The main point I want to make is that I am still mono. I donít have to be poly just because Iím in a poly relationship with a poly man.

Talk with her. Explore what she needs to feel secure and loved while letting you be you. Please remember that she doesnít have to be poly just because you are.
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