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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Forcing someone to be someone they aren't for the sake of comfort just feels wrong to me (it would be like my wife forcing me to stop having female friends, it wouldn't happen, ever). She is describing a fundamental difference in how the socialize.

Thats my 2 cents anyways.
Praise Aphrodite! I've never understood boundaries in a relationship. Its not fair to your other partner(s) that there relationship is being dictateded to appease another persons comfort level. I really think this has more to do with insecurities or other internal issues whither its jealousy,fear, paranoia....etc...matter of fact we have some boundaries that I disagree with but it is due to admitted insecurities and we are working on that with her (no names)

I've been in situations where there were boundaries and its not a good feeling to be limited on how you can express your feelings to one of your "multi love" partners. Love without limits right?

all in all if you can get your partner(s) to genuinely agree then any boundaries can be set and would be considered reasonable. Though I disagree I thought it be good to answer you question.

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