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Originally Posted by River View Post
Well, when I said I agreed with all points, I meant the substantive ones. And, yes, there do appear to be exceptions to the ... not rule, but general human tendency (especially common among men!).

======== EDIT ============

Okay, now I've read the article. I remain in agreement with Ready2Fly's salient points.
Yay! I did overstep a little in saying that poly tendencies were present in absolutely everyone; I specifically remember a National Geographic article recently about a tribe of hunter-gatherers in which the sexual relationships were fluid and varied continuously, except for this one couple who had been monogamously pair-bonded for 30 years or so. So to each their own.

Perhaps some of those folks are right here in this thread (hi! ), but I suspect that most people who identify as monogamous in western culture identify that way due to cultural rather than biological influence. Not that it really matters that much.

Kat, I hope that you're not feeling these feelings of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment yourself that you're trying to save your guy from. Hopefully no one ever has to feel those things and you find happiness with your mono/poly choices.
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