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Do you need more sex or more love and the freedom to five more love. There is a difference. Poly is about love and it is quite common that people who enjoy a poly lifestyle are simply in it to pass around love freely. Cuddle parties, for example are a part of that. Not to mention the asexual communities involvement in poly.

I think it might be in you best interest to figure out what exactly you are looking for as there is a huge continuum of poly identities out there from polyfuckery and swinging style poly to poly-fi and non sexual versions. All valid and all (supposedly, I can't say I understand it all) based on love.

You are not alone, I have a boyfriend that is as mono as they come (Mono), maybe doing some reading around here will help you clarify where you sit in the poly world for your self. I invite your partner to do the same so that you can grow and learn together on this.
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