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Originally Posted by FitChick View Post
I guess it comes down to the individual couple,I like boundaries but my bf is a little more fluid,but he does tell me when he has a date and things might occur,and he normally asks me how I feel.
For me some people are more 'safe' than others and this is something I have to come to terms with especially when the other person wants a relationship with my bf but doesn't want to meet me..that inherently arouses my suspicions.
Yes, this is true. My wife feels WAY more at ease with some women, and less with others. We dated a couple once before for almost 3 years. Toward the end of our relationship with them, my wife was so comfortable with the female that she said she didn't care if I went out on dates with her, and even played alone with her. THAT was a surprise to that was always a rule to NEVER be broken. I did go on A date with her alone, but I never played alone, but it was nice to know that I had the option to do it.

The new woman that we are dating now, my wife was concerned about in the beginning. Now, not as much. The reason: We've been dating her for a couple weeks now, and no attempts to have sex have been made by anyone. We had a conversation one night with V about this. We (I) explained to her that we wanted a VERY long term relationship with someone. And we weren't just looking to go to bed with them. She said she was looking for the same thing this time. We have all three matured beyond just casual sex, and are all three looking for something more....real. Thats not the right word for what I'm meaning, but I can't find the right word right now. Suggestions? Maybe "depth/deep"?

This new woman for us, knows our boundaries, and respects them. She also knows that the longer we are all three together, these boundaries may fall by the wayside and be least with her.
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