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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
What do you see as the difference between pantheism and non-theism? It sounds like pantheism is just non-theism by just renaming universe as "god." Is that right?
Not to hijack this thread, but from how I understand it, pantheists see divinity or sacredness in everything, whether they call it god, the cosmos, or the universe. They don't view god or the divine as a solitary being, but something that is in everything and everyone. They tend to be very nature-oriented. A non-theist, as opposed to an atheist who says there is no god, rejects definitions. A non-theist doesn't necessarily recognize nor deny that there is such a thing as the divine or sacred, doesn't feel a need to know, and is perfectly okay with the ambiguity and uncertainty. Really, I don't care.

I'm basically an agnostic, but agnosticism as a term is rather vague -- means not knowing, but not knowing what? You can be an agnostic theist, saying you don't know for certain that god exists, but you believe in god anyway, despite not knowing. Some agnostics claim to not know one thing but then believe in others. My citing myself as a non-theist was only to clarify that my brand of agnosticism is not like pantheism, since someone said I sounded like a pantheist. No, I don't look at a cloud and see a divine presence. Though I do feel that there is something that connects humanity, I wouldn't necessarily call that divine. Pantheism doesn't ring true for me, and atheism leaves no room for possibility. So I'm an agnostic non-theist. I guess!
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