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I'm going to throw my opinion into the mix.

I'm very much torn on this idea.

I would love to share my adventures here. I'm excited about our recent progress, and I'm dying for someone to share with. Sharing here can provide me an outlet to people who understand what I'm going through, and who may be interested in what I have to say. As opposed to, for instance, my family who may prematurely condemn me for being a 'cheating bastard' and try to stone me to death (kidding, sort of).

On the other hand, when I share with Lotus about the budding relationship between myself and Mouse, I tend to give a very dry version. I omit most of the more potent details about my feelings. I have fallen into following the same pattern when describing our dates. This is partly my protective instinct, and partly because it's what she wants. She says she doesn't want to know.

Things are suddenly moving very quickly, and I feel overwhelmed sometimes. I'd love to share these feelings with Lotus, but if they are overwhelming to me, I think they'll be like a tsunami to her.

We were discussing this earlier, and couldn't come up with a decent solution. Hope you guys can add some outside perspective.
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