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Default Facilitating Chemistry Between Them?

So my husband and i went on a date with our new girlfriend... I have to say, things got hot and heavy from the start. It was wonderful... for me and the GF... my husband is more of a slow mover and didn't connect right away to the new girl, which he didn't tell me until after all the physical stuff happened, and it's mostly my fault for jumping in too deep too soon, I knew he wasn't as fast a mover as I was but at the time it slipped my mind, and the new girl was just as eager.

Anyway, now the gateway is opened for sex between us all... only the GF and I are in the deep end and my husband is still in the boat, unsure. He asked me on this next date to facilitate bonding between the 2 of them. He's not into casual sex, I know he needs an emotional connection first. Basically I know that means I have to back off and let them connect, but I'm having trouble with the practical reality of it. Having never dated 2 people at once, I don't really know what he means. I don't know HOW he connects emotionally with someone besides A. conversation... he doesn't converse easily with people and didn't really show an interest in conversing online with her, or B. sex and physical touch... which is how I connect emotionally with someone. :P But obviously he's not talking about just the physical stuff.

Perhaps it's said that men are simple and women need figuring out, but it seems I just don't understand my man and what he needs from me.

So my question is, have any of you been in this type of situation before, and what did you do to facilitate chemistry or at least bonding between both of your lovers?
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