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Oh RP I am so sorry. I think sometimes, even though we've moved forward, our subconcious has to remind us of how things were. Either to remind us so we never go back to it, or to show us how far we've come.

I had one last night too. Karma was cheating again and I was divorcing him and I felt all of it. The betrayal, the anguish, the fear of doing the right thing, the ridicule for not being able to make my marriage work. But I knew I coldn't live like that anymore. So I took my bags and walked out the door.

I woke up sad. Because I knew that's how it could have been.

But lucky for both of us, our dreams are not reality. I am so glad you had Mono there to curl up in bed with you. And I am so proud of you for moving forward from the past. Being able to recognize that it is the past and it is a part of who you are, but that it isn't who you are now, is a great thing.

Here's to better dreams tonight!
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