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good luck! Parents are rough! Cricket met Karma's dad and stepmom a few weeks ago. But they are very open people. Very much the type to live and let live. When Karma and I were there for thanks gicing I could tell his step mom didn't quite understand it, but it wasn't out of disapproval.

My parents on the other hand...yeah. My brother and sis in law know and I hope they can meet her one day. Either here in MD or taking her to Ohio with us. I think my mom would be okay with it, but my dad will not be, so it's hard to figure out how to approach that.

I'm glad he is introducing you, even if they don't approve, at least you've met them. Crickets family was/is unsure of the whole thing, but wen I went to her b-day party, cake and gifts in hand. Taking pictures of her and Karma together, they seem to have started to understand that we are all okay with it.

I know it's hard to have the turmoil of friends not liking the situation, try to concentrate on you guys. Suppoirt eachother and show the nay sayers that it is healthy and he is being well loved and taken care of. Hopefuly when they see that, they'll come around.
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