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To MonoVCPHG - It is because of people like you that I can find some comfort here. Thank you!

I love my bf more than words can express and he may love me more! Although poly is new to me, I do not (yet?) feel jealous, unloved, not special, replaced, or unwanted. I do, however, feel like Iím in hiding. That being said, I would not trade my poly man for anyone. He is smart, funny, kind, considerate, thoughtful, good looking, and sexy. I want him to know that although I would not choose a poly life for me, I am more than happy to allow him the freedom to have a poly life for himself. Everyone has different needs and wants in life. I am sure that if I were truly unhappy with him living poly he would try extra hard to be mono with me. But I wonít ask that of him because I know that he would feel unhappy and unfulfilled. I get what I need and want from our relationship, and thatís what matters to me. Our happiness is paramount and this is what we need to both be happy.
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