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Default Don't know much about picking up but geez...

Ok, so in preperation for me going down under, I joined a yahoo group for Poly Aussies.
Got to talking to a couple people and after a few emails back and forth with this one guy who happened to live in Sydney and telling me which sites to see, (also knowing the kind of relationship I'm involved in) he asked me if when I was there I would want to get together and sleep with him.

I was rather shocked to say the least. He said he liked making love to like minded people. Now, I know I'm still new, and my mono-poly relationship doesn't have me searching for people, but is this normal? After just a few emails exchanged, no pictures or anything, this guy wanted to jump in bed with me just because I happened to be in his city. ANd because I happen to be poly, he thought I'd accept? Wtf?

Needless to say I declined and haven't heard from him since, but that really put me off.
"Thou art to me a delicious torment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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