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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post could try google. Lots of relationship question sites

for are the base questions she came up with. Some interesting ones in there actually

Hope this doesn't end up being a one sided conversation specialist. Those are some very difficult people to talk to

I will check the site thanks.
I have more day time on my hands than he does... and sometimes we get into some very deep convos... he's very open.

He's viewing this as NSA sex or that was what I thought... that was the intent... but I need SOME connection to a person before i bed them...

this getting to know you dance is hard enough with someone local and willing to be open... doing it long distance with a guarded person is difficult.

In addition, we have never discussed POLY... all he knows at this point is I have "permission" from my hubby to engage in a "relationship" with him...
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