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Hi Marta

I'm happy to say he is a very changed man. He still games but after dinner while I'm writing or watching TV. I usually like to hop into bed quite early but keep writing or watching TV from there and he was coming to bed with me so often that I confess that I started sneaking away just to get some alone time in bed (I'm a real bed person). He started getting upset that he didn't know where I was so now I have to say ":bedtime", which means it's my bedtime and I'm going. But he always follows in half and hour or so. If I stay up too late he says "Is it bedtime yet?" So sweet. .

Our big challenge though, well mine anyway is the fact that he leaves for his new job in Australia next week, while I have to stay and clear up everything here, which will probably take at least 6 weeks. For me this makes polyamory feel like no big deal at all, even though his OSO might hook up with him over there if her work fits in. The longest we've ever been apart is 9 days and that was so hard.
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