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Eklctc's last adventure left you feeling melancholy and irritated. Hopefully, we can invoke some brighter emotions this time around.

Hiya alllll!!! I've missed you. I've been so exhausted from work and traveling that I have done a poor job of keeping up. I have successfully made it back to Chicago today for my final (we think) remote work week or, at least, for this city.

P (male partner (yes,using letters now)) picked me up from the airport on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (which was very sweet of him) and took me back to his place for some 'show me how much you missed me' interaction. We didn't spend a lot of time together, aside from that, during that night since, the one time I wouldn't mind the extra time, my teenage son decided to not only arrive on time to pick me up but, actually, Early. However, I did manage to go spend some additional time with P yesterday at his request and my delight. He was continuing various odd jobs around the house so he invited me over to shadow him so we can spend time together. H, his wife, was home as well and it was our first time seeing each other since Halloween weekend when she changed the entire nature of the poly relationship we thought we had developed. It was cool, though. No real tension, though, we did not address anything that lingers between us due to that situation either. From what I gather, we probably won't. I'm sure it's really not that relevant to her since nothing has changed in her life and the revelation itself really gave me the freedom to focus solely on P since that has always been the more worthwhile relationship and the relationship my emotions have been invested into anyway. I did notice a tug from P, though, and I don't know if that was moreso because he wanted my attention to be focused moreso on him or is there something they have shared that I am unaware of that warrants very limited or no interaction with H at all. Who damn knows but I'm just going to continue to do me and, hopefully, I am dealing with people who can speak up and out when need be.

Anywho...I hung out with P for a couple of hours then went home. I ended up going back over later that evening because, earlier in the day, P had asked if I wanted to go out dancing that evening as a way to spend some more time together. I thought I had plans with my teenage son to go to dinner but, of course, he ditched me so I ended up seeing if P and H were still interested in doing something. I didn't want to do the club, though, but was more interested in bowling or pool. Well, P decided that he really didn't want to go 'out' but he did want to spend more time with me so I just got a board game and ended up going back to his place.

H was putting decorations on the Christmas tree and, since I don't do Christmas (or any other traditional holiday), I busied myself taking apart the pieces of the new board game I bought. P divided his time between chatting with me and playing in the box of board game pieces and assisting H with decorations. Well, H didn't finish with the tree until around 11p and I had a flight to catch in the morning so I excused myself.

P texted me to inquire about the general feeling in the atmosphere this evening with H. I told him that I hadn't felt anything if there was something and thought H was just immersed in what she was listening to in her headphones and finishing the tree but I told him it would be best to ask her, just to be sure. If there was something, I wouldn't expect her to share that in my presence simply because she has already proven she has some difficulties being upfront and candidly addressing or broaching subjects that really do need to be put out there. With the demise of our relationship, I expect even less communication of that nature from her. Additionally, I also suspect that there have been conversations or statement shared between the two of them about me after our 'break-up' that put P in a much better position of determining whether or not there is reason for issue or some emotional turbulence within her due to my presence or whatever so ... as I told him, I don't respond well to signals so I would expect her to speak up, to Someone, if there were any issues. There's been a couple of other possibly shady instances but you know what? I'm not going to give them or H any of my energy. I'm flowing, people, flowing...

After I returned home Saturday night, I created an ecard for P to be delivered today which he thanked me for this afternoon. I enjoy constantly letting those I love know that I love them, think of them, miss them, etc. I have come to realize that I really lead by example. I mean, I like little tokens of appreciation but very simple things like a handwritten note, a card, one flower. I'm not the type that feels comfortable with receiving many things more valuable than those like jewelry, etc. Maybe that is something I need to work on but I'm just so not materialistic so it would be a waste of time to get those sorts of things for me because I would most likely not put them to good use.

Well, think that pretty much brings me here. I'll be texting P in a couple of hours since H goes to work and I won't be infringing on their quality time. In the meantime, I will prepare for my tomorrow and continuing counting down the six days until I can return.---@
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