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Default I just do not know what to do....

Okay, I really have no one else to talk to about any of this cause everyone that I am close to in my life is MONO (I am too) and thinks that I am stupid for being with a man who is poly.

Long story short about 8 months ago my BF met another woman. For the sake of the blog lets call her #2. Ok before he went out on his first date with #2 I told him that I didnt feel comfortable with them having sex (because I have never had to deal with something like that before) and he told me since I didnt feel comfortable he wouldnt have sex with her. Well...he ended up sleeping with her ANYWAYS. As a result I didnt feel comfortable with him even seeing her because I felt like he didnt even care about my feelings AND he went against what he told me. *keep in mind I have come a long way since then...*
So now 8 months and A LOT of drama later...they arent together anymore...and she really is crazy ( details if you want them) and I find out after they break up...that they saw each other when i wasnt comfortable and my BF lied to me about it....
So now.... i am left feeling....awful....and not to mention...i have SUCH a nasty taste in my mouth about poly relationships and even a worse taste in my mouth about my BFs ability to be truthful....

Please... please help me...ask questions if you would like...if i gave all the details this post would be like a novel... lol
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