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I'm just now popping in on your first entry. I have yet to visit the links you provided but will when I have more time.

I really enjoy OKcupid. I've been a member since, I want to say, late December 2009 or January 2010. I originally joined it solely for the questions and quizzes since I really enjoy those sorts of things. Then I realized how much I liked their journal set-up. The people came last. I, however, have met a few interesting people on the site, met my current partners on their before the summer, and am currently speaking with a couple of potentials (one of which I have been chatting up since August and one brand new one). I, especially, love the site now that they have added the Explanation field to the questions. Sometimes, yes, no, or maybe just doesn't do it.

I think I am similar to you with the procrastination thing. I have been working on my last six classes towards my B.A. in Accounting but have been discouraged due to my lapse in taking classes and how difficult those last few classes have been.

Regarding counseling for Mal, you should look into sliding scale counseling centers in your area. I'm sure there has to be one or two available to you.

Hmm...I guess a good question would does Mal define 'fair' regarding the additional partner (female in this case). I mean, a defunct triad can still be a great vee with one strong romantic relationship and one strong loving but platonic relationship. I do agree that there should be more discussion regarding the relevance of the gender of the partner since either can give cause for worry but, being that you are bicurious and not pansexual or even bisexual, I can see how he would have greater concern regarding a male partner.

Yay, biology! ... Not. :P
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