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Hmmmm, this is all very new to me. I am divorced and live mainly alone, two children aged 18 and 16 ish. I am independent, secure within myself and happy to be single (ie; not re-marry at any point). I am seeing a man from abroad and he is separated, his wife knows about me and him trying to be polyamorous. I am struggling because their relationship keeps changing, she is not into polyamory and to be honest I am not sure I am. Of course, before I fell in love with this man, I thought I could be and I had many fantasies about it .... it seemed ideal. I am totally in love with him and feel if I sought to find someone else it would somehow diminish my love for him ??? At the moment I feel in limbo and sometimes due to language difficulties we get confused. Do I stick with this but keep my own options open ?? Or do I jump ship and take care of myself ?
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