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Originally Posted by AJbear77 View Post
I can read through the posts here and some seem to almost slam the idea of monogamy and monogamists, which to me is as bad as me
,a lesbian, slamming heterosexuals (which I don't) because it is different strokes for different folks. .
In general there are very few identified monogamously wired people on this fact I think I am the only constant one on here LOL! I am also the only identified monogamous person in monthly poly meetings I go to. I have learned to have fun with it, although, once ruffled, my feathers can turn into angry daggers for a while. This is a forum more directed at exploring polyamorous natures but has a wealth of applicable knowledge for any relationship dynamic.

I at times still feel threatened, judged and looked down upon as unenlightened on here and in my poly social circle but for the most part I am happy to represent the mono side of issues. I don't pull punches or sugar coat either approach to loving and wouldn't even be here accept for the love of Redpepper. I am not polyamorous; I didn't seek it, and don't promote it to other monogamous people. I am however grateful for what it has given me and respect it as natural, valid and fulfilling for those who love this way.

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