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Well it finally happened...I'm someone's husband... It was an amazing evening...Mr. A was there, he didn't feel it would be appropriate to sit next to TP so he sat one person over...and I wouldn't have had it any other way...he means a lot to her, and he's a good to have him there even as a 'friend' of TP's was great....the man loves a wedding apparently.

I suppose it gave me a pang or two of guilt once I was able to think of it after the fact that it diminishes his role in her life and in mine because I'm worried about how my family will seems trivial at times the distinction of it...I live my life how I family doesn't ask my gay brother what it's like to suck dick (pardon the crudeness) why should I worry they will think less of me for how I live my life (they don't think less of him, just a parallel to private lifestyles)...and sometimes it seems a mountain sized issue...and part of it is that I worry they will think less of my wife (still odd to say TP) for having a boyfriend when I don't have an she's pushed me into this or she's some kind of slut, etc. all the usual societal mores objections...

I can't reconcile the two sides to come to a course of action or make it so that the guilt goes away. I suppose I need to let Mr. A know that he is a valued part of my life as much as TPs...gets her the hell out of my hair for a while some days but I suppose I am getting used to the solitude of TP being out...I've not been looking on POF or elsewhere really at all recently for potentials for a month or more. Just have no interest in really trying...I would definitely not stop looking completely but rejections are exponentially worse each time...and it's the same story...women don't share well...

To end on a happy note, TP was feeling bad because I was going to have dinner with my best man tonight and she was going to see Mr. A...but my best man (who's up from California for the wedding) was spending time with family instead...can't fault his family they are mum and dad set #2 and he's crashed at our place 2 nights in a row and spent a load of money on me and TP at my bachelor party...strippers are expensive at the strip club...but TP and I enjoyed it...So I've worked out a new way to let TP know I am good with things...I've decided to instead of saying "it's okay." to just let her know my needs are met...and then there's the good Mr. A, money's tight for him, so he's decided to 'Do nice things' for us instead of buying us a gift...which makes me feel good...why do new husbands spin their wedding rings on their fingers?...they are desperately trying to find the combination.....Take my wife please! etc etc etc
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