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Why are you allowing them to stay? When are they leaving? What moves are they making to make that happen? Time to put a foot down no?

I think if this were me I would be letting them know that it's time to go and that they have to leave by the end of the week. To my partner I would be saying, "yup, I tried it, not working... they have to go now. you can see them at their new place... make it happen or I am walking out." and then hold yourself to that... so what if they think you are a bitch, what do you care, you will get your sanity back and become comfortable again. The way I see it is you gave it a good go, it's not working, time they left.

Of course attitude is everything with things like this, so make a nice smile out of think air and be firm but kind. It's your house, your office and your life they are in... have a firm plan and an escape route and then stand your ground until they leave. Even if they move next door, its better than them being in your space.
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