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The only thing I would like to add is that you are not only allowed to be exactly who you are, but I encourage it... if you are not a slut, then you are not a slut.

Please don't think that by forcing yourself to be a slut that you are doing yourself a favour and everyone else too. That is the biggest bit of bullshit I can possibly imagine and incredibly damaging. There is no reason that you need to play into the whole mainstream thing (that slut culture and some sex positive communities portray) that is being taught today and that is that if we as women don't allow others to objectify and use our bodies for play and sport that we are worthless and useless.

Please don't settle for any other love from others that doesn't start from what is in your values, philosophy of life and what kind of character you have... to expect this and ask for this is far more empowering. It makes you grow like a beautiful flower and creates energy that sometimes brings out who you are sexually from a GOOD place, rather than a forced place.

Please see the posts on my blog ( that I just wrote about becoming a more authentic person and the journey I have had to become a person with sexual boundaries.. I have been through a long journey that started in a place you are at today and I finally have found what it means to really be a slut.... FOR ME. Not to keep a man or fit in... I'm about to turn 41 and have lived much of the life that you are about to embark on. Please take the gift of my wisdom on this and use what you can. ADD or not, you do not have to live for other people.
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