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I watched "summer lovers" from the early 80's about a man and his girlfriend going to Greece for the summer and his falling in love with a neighbor. Not only did I ponder the idea of being the man, but also pondered the idea of going to Greece... haven't fulfilled that dream yet.

My other lover/intimate friend lent that movie to us about a year ago, it has lost it's appeal in light of the fact that we have come so far compared to the characters in the movie... I think it has Darryl Hannah in it?

Next was "the Lunatic" a Jamaican movie I owned and watched a million times. I liken myself to the German woman (Olga Schmit) in many ways! Again, had no idea why I loved that movie so. I thought it was the soundtrack, but something captured me. I was a lesbian at the time too.

I don't read, but a lot of people I know read sci fi and came to poly from various things they read.
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