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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
I think if you could cultivate a bit of your 'slut' side you'd be even happier, more confident and suddenly discover you've magically become more "attractive". But it's an illusion that it's the sex that did it. Sex can just be the tool (one of) you can use to polish the real you. The happiness, the confidence......the 'glow' of being fully alive and creating your own life makes you attractive.
Definitely this!!!! It took me until I was 35 to realize this and I know some women never do and it is an absolute shame. If you are interested, PM me for more of my details on this.

Originally Posted by ConfusedBunny View Post
Yikes! I scared I'll be stuck with all the responsibilities while he is out having fun.
This is every women's fear, poly or mono. This too requires communication and negotiations. The duties and responsibilities will change as the child grows, what is fine the first 3 months won't be fine the next 6 and so on.

Marriage in itself requires constant communication. This is hard when dealing with ADD persons, because their mind will wonder when you are talking. You therefore think you have spent the last 20 minutes communicating, when he was lost after the first 5 minutes. No long monologs, ask him to repeat back what he heard you say and ask for his opinions. Also repeat back to him what you heard him say, there is a good change, there is a serious break in translation.
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