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Originally Posted by Raven View Post
For me, some of the red flags in your description of your situation are that he says that being with just you bores him, and that you say he looks at you with disgust. I'm going to use a food analogy - I love food, almost any kind of good food, and for me it is similar to my feelings on being poly. Let's say that for some reason I can't eat lasagna, but I can still eat cheesecake - both are foods that I love. Sure, I'll be a bit sad that I can't have lasagna, and if I could have lasagna it's possible it might even enhance my love of cheesecake. But that doesn't mean I'm going to not want to have cheesecake or that I'll look at it in disgust - cheesecake is good because it's cheesecake, I won't stop enjoying it just because I can't have other foods. They're different foods, with different flavors and textures, each of which can give me enjoyment in different ways.
Thanks for the analogy. I totally get that, it's just not for me (because of all of my crazy issues). And my husband only looks at me in rentment/disgust/disdain/apathy (or even just tries to avoid looking at me) every now and then when he is in a really, really bad mood from thinking about this stuff too much. It usually gets to a point where I call him out on it and a big long talk begins.

I feel like if there is a way I can get past my issues, I might be able to be poly as well.
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