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Originally Posted by Penny View Post
I am curious, when he says he wishes you were bisexual, does this mean that your relationship has an O.P.P. (One Penis Policy)?

Would he be okay with you seeing other men?

Regardless of whether you would want to or not, whether he would be fine with that says a lot about how he views polyamory and how he views women in general.

Anyone else here have red flags going up all over this one? Not just the bisexual question, either.
Sorry, I should have been more clear (although I already felt like I was rambling!). He would be quite happy for me to be with other men. His remark about wanting me to be bisexual is just a smartass comment he makes when he is feeling upset and we've been talking for a long time (it's hard for him to have long talks because of his ADD and he gets snappy).

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