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Originally Posted by marksbabygirl View Post
To comment on the *words are not sex* comment. Words are not sex but sex starts in the mind. The most important sex organ IS the mind

He can talk to me, turn me on like no tomorrow and without EVER touching me, bring me to the brink of orgasm. 10 seconds of touching and that's it - I explode all over the place.

People on here talk about clitoral stimulation a lot because orgasm through vaginal stimulation is not common.

I don't orgasm from G-spots - even though its "common" I don't squirt, even though its "common" And I have NEVER had an orgasm through vaginal penetration on its own. Clitoral stimulation is always necessary.

My suggestion to you would be to spend some time with yourself. Touch your body in different ways, figure out what DOES feel good instead of focussing on what doesn't.

Have fun with it And don't put so much pressure on yourself to orgasm. Sex feels good. All of it - not just the orgasm part.

I agree with this. It does start in the mind. Lots of days I get turned on more than anything with the words. Relaxing and letting go helps with orgasms at all. If im tense its not gonna happen. Sometimes S will give me a nice long back rub first. And during the backrub theres teasing thrown in. I am also one of those who do not squirt or have g spot Os. I have to have the clitoral stimulation. Sometimes it takes longer than others. Sometimes its quick. S and my bf focus on me first. Which I believe is the sweetest thing. Mainly because they know that they are going to cum no matter what lol. And well it takes me a min. But its a guarantee that I will orgasm first. But like I said only clitoral will do it. I have never had a multiple. (maybe soon heehee) but thats because Im super sensitive afterwards and could never relax a second time. I love that Im cherished by both S and bf. Not everyones bodies work the same when it comes to having the big O. It took me years to relax enough to have one. And that was giving them to myself. I had a very rough past where sex was taken and for me to relax to enjoy the act took me a long time. There are many times that I dont orgasm still. But thats my choice. Days I just want to pleasure S. He might pout for a minute about the fact I just want to pleasure him, but honestly, it pleases me to make him cum. I dont have to have one everytime.
Anyways, just had to give my encouragement that it can happen. But its not going to be the same for you as it is your mom and sis. Hell I dont even wanna know how my siblings O !eek. Everyones different and its finding what pleases you and makes you feel good, and being able to relax and trust in the fact someone else is taking care of you. Dont stress yourself out trying to figure out why your not. Thats going to make it harder for you to achieve that elusive orgasm.
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