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My wife, our new interest, and I all had OKC accounts before we all met. We have since deleted them. For women, they tend to get messages from guys who just want a quick hook up, and for men, we tend to only get women who are....not attractive. This has only been MY experience with OKC.

Generally speaking (and I really hate to do that) men see the word "polyamorous" in a womans profile, and they read it as: "desperate", or "easy", or "slutty", or "fucks on the first date".

Women who see "polyamorous" in the profile, read it as: "weird", freak", "cheater", "only out for sex".

My wife and I have been wanting to help develop a poly dating site, but are not computer savy enough to do it alone. And the only person we personally know of who COULD do it, is ellusive, at best.
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