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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Thanks for sharing this Ithink The idea of multiple houses in close pproximity is one that definitely appeals. it sounds like you had a great experience! Being out to the important people in our lives has certainly made things easier. Did you have a schedule or was your wife's time more fluid between the homes?
Thank you everyone for your comments. Our time together was fantastic and will always live in me as one of the highlight experiences of my life. We have talked extensively about being "out" and there are no easy answers. We are by nature VERY honest people and to carry on an important part of our lives in secret seems...well...dishonest. We are old enough to understand that there are times in life that people need to keep things to themselves because the world can be a brutal place but being dishonest with ourselves about our lifestyle caused us no small amount of angst. There are SO many complications that arise for us being out that we decided that it was best for us to remain closeted. I think if we were younger, say in our 30's, and living in TODAYS world we might chose to accept the life battles that outing ourselves would bring because I believe that our society will move towards acceptance but being in our 50's and not living Poly anymore (although we would love to again) we just don't see the long term benefit. I know others rightfully say that Poly people today are "blazing the trail" for the Poly people to follow in the coming generations but, to be honest, we just don't feel strong enough to be trailblazers.
To answer the other part of your question; we did not have a schedule. Most of our time was spent together as we all enjoyed being together so much. We just sort of went with the flow. Time spent as a "couple" was important but the time we spent as a 3some was rewarding and sort of our reason for being....and I have a personal belief that all women should experience sex with multiple partners to experience an entire new level of fulfillment but that is another topic for another posting some day.
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