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Originally Posted by Penny View Post
Right, I mean, who needs the sanction of the state or religion? Just because we have a legal document doesn't mean we are more committed. It changes nothing, other than we have found that we like referring to each other as "husband" and "wife" as it is a good shorthand for the degree of our commitment to the outside world.

We have a nesting, life-building relationship. No piece of paper has any bearing on that, it is something we have built together, through hard work and with patience and love.
Which is why I would prefer something like an informal ceremony. That way, no legal document could ever have bearing on it, even if it wanted to. I just find it unfortunate that we live in a world where "I love you" is never enough. Most likely due to its overuse by people who don't understand the true meaning of the phrase. It has made most people immune to it. They need a legal document to prove it, because their words aren't enough. But like I said. There are a few people who truly love the idea of marriage and I do not knock them. Everyone has something that works for them. =]
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