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Originally Posted by Penny View Post
Somegeezer, I don't know about your part of the world, but in the U.S. there are legal issues to consider, especially if children are involved.

Much of my motivation to get married was to protect my daughter and her father and to make sure that, if something were to happen to me, clear rights of inheritance and custody were established.

Were my husband and I not married he would not be as well-protected under the law in the event of my death. I could definitely see my mother trying to get custody of our daughter and my money, and wills can be contested.

Also, our medical insurance is through his job. Being married helps there, and with our taxes.
When children get involved, I understand it is very complicated there, yes. I'm not sure what that would be like here. Most likely, they would be left alone, unless the child was in obvious neglect or abuse. But that's with any relationship. I understand legal views can be quite different to here.

If it was about the mother dying and the father was not married to her, it wouldn't matter as long as he is on the birth certificate as the father. If no father is on there, it would go to godparents or whoever is in the will. If there are none, then it gets very difficult.

Again, medical issues here are waaaaay different. Quite complicated differences to really explain in a paragraph. I'm a pretty terrible writer as it is!

But yes, things are a lot different here than there, but if all things are put aside and we look at marriage directly as a form of commitment to love, I don't personally see it as something I would want to be involved in. Others dream of being married from a young age. =]
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