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I'm not one for marriage at all and have never liked the idea. It's a lot of religious and political mumbo jumbo to me. That being said, many people do see it as important to show their commitment or such.

I don't see how in a poly relationship, you could only marry one person either. Surely you love everyone in the relationship? Why not marry them all? Again, I understand it's illegal in most places for polygamy, but if it's something you believe in, it's certainly worth fighting for. I think people should definitely be free to marry whoever and however many people they wish. The political side of life should stay right out of marriage and relationships in general.

I think another great way to do the same but without the complications of legal marriage and religion getting in the way, is to just have an informal ceremony. I think if any partner I was with wanted to get married, I would probably go through with an informal ceremony.
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