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Originally Posted by arpeggi View Post
Yes'm, also where I got this name. Big Radiohead fan.


So am I!!!
"Weird fishes" was the song I listened to while sitting at the ocean last summer pining for a love I knew was out there. It made me want to dive in and sink to the bottom amongst the bull kelp and seals...I wandered the shore and wet rain forest listening to that and was literally in pain from wanting to be with a lover I didn't know yet.... little did I know that my love was a mere few blocks away going through the process of having to leave his house and family. Staying in his vehicle, looking for a place to live, in as much pain as I for different reasons... I truly believe that my pain was my response to his. A man I had yet to meet.

I explained that song once as a painful heart beat that almost kills me each hit of the drum, yet the guitar keeps me going and my heart soothed... until the refrain and then I am barely able to breath from the pain of it almost. Then it becomes more intense as it builds up again...

By the new year I was lieing in the arms of my ever loved Mono... completely a swoon and so content and fulfilled. This came on his playlist and I realized I had found the one that I had pined and longed for. I cried long and hard and have held him so tight over that song. We listen to it together regularly and I fall in love over and over again. Music is a big part of our relationship.

I'm listening to it now and doing so again *tear*
With my husband it was and is "Iris" Googoo Dolls... that was a long time ago, but i remember the feeling very well and still swoon
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