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Thanks for the reply, GroundedSpirit.

I am not very old, but I've actually been sick for about 20 years. I am undergoing a new treatment right now, but nothing is for certain. So...getting better soon and changing the dynamic that way may or may not be in the cards.

I have lain next to them while they are having sex before. It can be fun and sort of more attuned to my current capacities than being totally involved.

I guess I feel so snowed under right now by her being here for several days in a row and by my not feeling too hot, and also by just feeling hurt about the sex going on in the next room, that I don't feel like participating at all.

I feel all too often when we cuddle up that at some point it's going to turn to sexy stuff, and I'm going to feel on the outside again.

Aye..I'm feeling sorry for myself ;-)

I really do need a good block of time with just me and the boy.

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