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for us,

we were swingers before we were married.
we married and remained swingers but very very select in our partners.. mostly couples we care deeply about and have NON-SEXUAL relationships with as well as sexual ones...

we never considered being poly... and now 6 years into our marriage, it's coming up... as someone pointed out in my first thread I show the signs... multiple marriages, swinger lifestyle...

why did I marry my husband... several reasons.. he wanted to have a wife (for the first time)... I wanted him to have health insurance, it made the legalities of our life easier... his daughter as my step gets health insurance and calls me mommy....he and I are committed to each other in a way I can't imagine being committed to someone else like...

IF he and I agreed to walk away from swinging and poly (and we still may) we would be fine... POLY and swinging enhances our life...
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