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I'm Seventhcrow, resident ghost in the machine (mod without posting much).

I'm 44 and married to CurlySquirrel (who logs on rarely); we live in Kansas City.

I always wondered why I was supposed to only have one girlfriend when I was young and much preferred the "dating around" paradigm that some old folks advocated to keep youngsters from getting "too serious." It was difficult to find girls who were open to the dating around thing--but then, it seemed pretty difficult to find girls to date at all!

My first marriage was open. When my wife left for an extended trip, she arranged with a friend of ours to stop by and take care of me, and I dated some other women at the time. My current marriage is actively poly, and I've had a girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) during the time we've been married. (Curly was previously in a triad and is interested in finding a girlfriend.)

We do (all-ages) drum corps and we're active Burners. I shoot photos and play bad golf with both silly sticks and plastic discs. I'm Pagan and she's deist.
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