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Default One day at a time

Hi, My name is Charley *not my real name but close* I am 24 years old and I am completely new to polyamory. I have a degree in English but am not currently in school. I have never been married, nor do I have any kids. It's just me and my cat for now. I was first made aware of the situation by a friend of mine who started it 3 years ago. He gave me links, and info about it, but I was stubborn, I didn't want to understand it. I was in a dying 2 year relationship that honestly was not working out as a monogamy, but I refused to see it. I grew up with the notion that monogamy was the only option. None of my ltr have ever worked out, and am having a hard time believing that marriage in the conventional sense works out.

Almost a year later, I am single (sort of) and wanting to try it. My relationship right now exist that I am with my ex boyfriend, but he has a male partner of his own. I was the one who suggested poly to him, and but honestly, do not know anything about the lifestyle, except what I've read on blogs and forums. After lurking here for a bit, I realized I need a bit of help. So anxious to learn.
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