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I'm a little bit perturbed.

I was supposed to meet up with someones from this forum last weekend. Unfortunately one of them ended up ill--not a problem, these things happen. I emailed them that was OK & gave a list of times & places to meet up today. I still haven't heard back. This is the second time I haven't heard back in a timely fashion. The first time I thought that maybe the message had gotten lost in the aether so resent. Twice in less than a week? I'm starting to think they're not all that interested in meeting *sigh*. Ah well, onward I go to bigger and better things.

A tough time of year is coming up...Christmas and winter with it's lack of sunshine. I enjoy Christmas with the lights and decorations although I can NOT stand the commercialism that is Christmas today. Breathes' can't stand it, he has some bad associations with it. Possibility is another religion although he does celebrate Yule.

I need to find a way to get across to Breathes that for me Christmas isn't about the gift giving, it's about family and friends and the FEELINGS associated with Christmas. I couldn't care less about the gift giving and the like. I would much rather be with family and friends, talking and having a good time than I would sitting around the tree opening presents & having others open theirs & seeing the disappointment on their faces because it isn't exactly what they wanted.

I'm hoping that this year will be a least at little bit different. His sister and her family will be up from North Carolina this year. Her three kids have never had a present from him before so he wants to be able to give them that in spades! We've also been invited to adored friend's house during the week she's off to have a non-Christmas get together with dinner, etc.

This time of year is also about depression due to lack of sunlight. Possibility gets this in spades. It's already started in fact. He's using his sunlamp but there's so much else going on that's not so good right now that he's having a hard time seeing the good in life.

I've started my gratitudes list on LiveJournal in order to try to stave off my own depression *sigh*. Being able to verbalize what makes me happy, helps me to see that life isn't all bad, there are some good aspects to it too.
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