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Default Feeling crazy nervous...

Hello everyone. I am currently single, but I was married to a man for 5 years, but after that I was in a relationship with a woman for 3. After much heartache and craziness from both and much self searching I have come to realize several things about myself. I am bisexual, and I want both a man and a woman in my life. I have told this to my friends, jokingly at times. But, since I am a very truthful person, my best friend took me seriously. I talked to her about it one day and she asked me the blunt question, "Why can't you have that? Why can't you have one of each?" To this I had no real answer. I guess that is why I am here on this website. What I want kind of freaks me out a little since all I can think of are those old movies from the 60s and 70s about people living on communes and delving into free love or whatever. And I have this fear that all this talk about openness and communication may not really help and that in the end multiple relationships may be a total distaster. Despite this, from reading various threads, discussing this with my best friend and a very close friend and giving this much thought I feel like I am in the right direction. And, I feel like I can relate to the people on this site and I don't feel so weird about my wants and needs. Alright, there it all is and here I am.
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