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Default Why and how did you get into poly?

Good Evening Everyone,

I was just curious about how you came across the ideas or concepts with in polyamory? And why/how you chose to make those Ideals your own (or why you choose not to)?

I'll start:

My first encounter with the idea that there was other ways a relationship and indeed a family could form would have to be when I read the Novel by Robert Heinlein - Time Enough For Love.
Now before you ask yourself..> what is a young man doing reading romance novels..? Its not a romance novel, its a science fiction Novel, and it is the second book by R.Heinlein that I ever read (certainly not the last). I must say, the ideas in this book changed my life forever, I fell in love it, and with the main character, my hero, champion and guide - Lazarus Long.
I continued to read more and more of Heinlein's books, until I came across another book which rocked my world again..> Stranger In a Strange Land.
This book has so much to give, and so many ideas.. im reading it through for the second time now.

So anyway that is where I got my first exposure to some of the ideas and concepts which exist within polyamory.

If you have never heard of Robert Heinlein I urge you to check out the links, and further more>> read some (or many) of his books.
*But on a final note, I never knew these Idea(l)s had a real name, as I said in my post on the introduction board, I first saw the actual word "Polyamory" while I was reading Richard Dawkin's book - The GOD Delusion.

- Thanks for reading -
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