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Default Good evening Everyone

Hey everyone out there in Cyberspace.

Im a university student from Ontario, Canada in my final year of school.
I wouldn't say I am polyamorous, but for the last couple years an idea or way of thinking has been growing inside my mind, and I stumbled on the word "Polyamory" while I was reading Richard Dawkin's Book - The GOD Delusion (Great read btw).
I decided to look it up and found it to be a concept which shared many of the principles and core beliefs that had been growing in my mind.

||You mean, there are other people who actually think something like this is possible? People who are actually living, loving, and enjoying this type of life?||

Well, since then my thinking has continued and im still shaping what exactly it is that I believe, but hopefully, together we can grow and learn from each other.
Thanks for reading
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