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Originally Posted by River View Post

As one with trememdous respect for non-fiction and documetary film / television, and as a poly person, I think this project concept should be reconsidered. So little doc work on polyamory has been done that the film project you describe would (in my opinion) contribute to a distorted public perception of "the world of polyamory". Why? Because the overwhelming majority of poly people simply do not meet by way of matchmakers or "central figures". Instead, like monogamous people, most poly folk meet and grow their relationships within a centerless web of relations, or community.

Please, please, do make a film or tv doc on polyamory. It would be a public service. But please let the subject matter teach you how to frame the story, rather than coming in heavy-handed and framing it before hand. Treat this framing with humility and sensitivity and your work will undoubtably shimmer with tenderness and truth.
100% agreed... definitely there is plenty of material out there now for many other relationship and life styles... real and honest filmwork on the poly world from a polyfriendly perspective (as opposed to a sensationalise this and make a quick million perspective) would help communities everywhere...
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