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This sounds like a whole lot of NRE on her part and a desire to have her old life back again. I can relate to that big time. I felt the same way after two years of child rearing, it sucked and I felt really worn down. I was not a good baby mumma. I am a rockin boy mumma now though, I just didn't dig the baby thing. Maybe I should of played with dolls more. I wasn't a big doll player either, I dunno, whatever, the fact of the matter is that she seems to need this for some reason. You are a symbol of what she wants to run away from perhaps as you are the Dad...

I would ask her if this is what is going on. Then ask her what you can do to help make her feel like her roll as a Mum is needed, appreciated and necessary. It's not just you that is missing out on her, it's your daughter, and that isn't okay even more. NRE is all fine and dandy and fun, but it has to be sucked up to parent and be a good partner. I had to do it, and so does everyone else. We do not have the luxury of being a single monogamous child free person anymore. If we wanted that then we shouldn't of had kinds and shouldn't be poly.

I would suggest a search on here for NRE. There is a lot on here that is really good info and insight. I would also suggest that you partner start reading also... or at least create and opportunity to tell her what you have learned and what you think.
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